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F150 5th Wheel Towing Capacity

Alongside the conventional alternative, the 2020 F150 is capable of fifth wheel towing. Unlike conventional tow hitches, a fifth wheel works by locking a king pin into the lock jaw of the hitch. In addition, they require slightly more maintenance to operate than conventional hitches. Proper lubrication of the mechanism is extremely important in attaining optimal performance. This includes all pivot points as well as the slider (if necessary). Using a lube plate though, will eliminate the need for grease and prevent metal to metal contact.


Towing capacity is partly determined by which engine is driving the truck. There are six engine options for the 2020 F-150, and each provides its own unique blend of power, responsiveness, and fuel economy. Because of this, each has its own unique maximum payload, and towing capacity. If you’d like more information on the engines themselves, please follow the link below to our F150 engine breakdown.

F150 Engines

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5th Wheel Towing Capacity

There are many additional factors that influence the ability to tow; the axle ratio, vehicle curb weight, option weight, payload weight, loaded trailer weight, and even the passenger weights all make a difference.

The GCWR (gross combined weight ratio) is the maximum allowable weight limit of all the factors above, determined by the manufacturer. The chart below details information on fifth wheel towing. The table below displays values for fifth wheel towing only; for more information on conventional towing, or payload information, please follow one of the links below.

Maximum Loaded Trailer Weight

Towing capability will be reduced based on trim series, option content, and payload

Note: Vehicles equipped with a 5.5' box will accept a fifth wheel hitch, but current fifth wheel trailer designs are not compatible with this model (145" wheelbase supercrew)

(1) Requires 2.7L Ecoboost ® Payload Package
(2) Requires Heavy-Duty Payload Package
(3) Includes 18" tires and wheels
(4) Requires Max Trailer Tow Package
(5) Limited model only
(6) Requires 20" tires and wheels
(7) Raptor model only

• Calculated with SAE J2807® method
• Trailer king pin load weight should be 15% of total loaded trailer weight. Make sure vehicle payload (reduce by option weight) will accommodate trailer king pin load weight and weight of passengers and cargo added to towing vehicle. Additiion of trailer tongue load weight and weight of passengers and cargo cannot cause vehicle weights to exceed rear GAWR of GVWR. These ratings can be found on the vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Label

Maximum payload and towing capabilities are for properly equipped base vehicles with required equipment and a 150-lb. driver and may vary based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories and number of passengers. See label on door jamb for carrying capacity of a specific vehicle. Horsepower, torque, payload and towing are independent attributes and may not be achieved simultaneously

To view the 2020 Ford RV & Trailer Towing Guide (or the tow guide for any other year) in its entirety, or to view the F150's; please click one of the links below.

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