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6 Facts About Winter Tires

By Jordan Koch on

Winter TiresIn Alberta and most of Canada we have 5 seasons unlike the rest of rest of the World. Those being Spring, Summer, Fall, Tire, and Winter! We are Albertans and we are not new to the idea of winter tires. Although well into the midst of winter we hear everyone talking about the effectiveness of winter tires and if they are really worth it! Well here is some information to set you mind at ease.

#1 Winter tires are different from Other types of tires!

Winter tires are specifically designed to operate in winter conditions, this being 7 to minus 30 degrees! They have been made with special rubber compounds that better retain their elasticity in those temperatures, and they also have special tread patterns, which allow for better stopping and handling power!

#2 They need to be installed in sets of 4!

The effectiveness of winter tires and all types tires are only truly effective if there are 4 of the same tire on your vehicle. So make sure that you buy and get them installed in sets of 4! Some insurance companies also offer a discount if you have a set of winter tires installed on your vehicle throughout winter!

#3 Under Pressure

Make sure that you check your tire pressure regularly as shifts in temperature will change the pressure inside of the tire! Your tires should always be at the recommended pressure in-order to improve tire life, safety and efficiency!

#4 Look for the Signs!

There are a few things that will stand out about winter tires! First is the tread on winter tires, are in a directional pattern, the tread is also spaced farther apart and it is deeper than other types of tires. Deeper tread allows for snow and slush to be channeled out of the way. All season, Three Season, All Weather and Summer tire treads are not as deep nor meant channel snow through them. The badging on tires relay what season they are meant for! Look for this symbol to be sure that you have the right ones

#5 Winter Tires Are Seasonal…Do not leave them on Year round!

Winter tires are purely meant for only the winter months when temperatures are below 7 degrees! When spring time rolls around and daily temperature highs are over 7 degrees you should start to think about switching back to your all season tires!

#6 Storage

Here at DK Ford we have a tire storage program! If you get you seasonal tire swap done with us we store your tires for free! All you have to do is bring in your vehicle and our service will get you off season tires put away for you!

If you don’t already have winter and would like to look into getting some for your vehicle, please give our service department a call and we can help you find some! If you do have winter tires and would like to get them swapped out for winter still give us a call and we book you an appointment!
By Jordan Koch on
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