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Premium Maintenance from Ford Protect not only covers your routine oil changes, it covers multi-point inspections, as well as preventive care and replacement of normal “wear and tear” items that require periodic attention.

  • Oil Change & Filter Replacement
  • Replace Normal Wear and Tear Items
  • Multi-Point Inspection
  • Tire Inspection and Rotation


A properly maintained vehicle lasts longer and runs more efficiently than one that isn’t maintained. To find out what scheduled maintenance is recommended for your vehicle, consult your Owner's Scheduled Maintenance Guide. 


  • Helps ensure optimal operation, reliability and safety
  • Improves trade-in or resale values
  • Can prevent unexpected failures
  • Helps maximize efficiency

Ford FMPP, or Ford maintenance protection plan, is a program designed to protect against the tremendous cost of vehicle maintenance that builds up over its lifetime. The price of parts, labour, and fluids are only going up and Ford wants to make sure the people can enjoy a cost effective and worry free driving experience.

The Ford FMPP is specifically designed to save customers money while maintaining their vehicles to highest possible standards. It is a drive in drive out program which not only looks after the basic oil change, tire rotation, and multi-point inspection; it will also include any transfer case fluid changes, transmission fluid changes, engine air filter changes, cabin air filter changes, or whatever else may be needed to meet all maintenance requirements. Perhaps the best part of the FMPP program is that in addition to never paying for regular maintenance; the program will provide repairs and replacements of brake pads, brake rotors, engine belts; coolant hoses, clamps and hose seals; wiper blades, spark plugs, shock absorbers, and clutch discs (manual transmission).

The Ford Maintenance Protection Program will make sure that you receive the best possible service experience with no additional or unexpected maintenance costs. If you would like more information on what will be required to maintain your specific vehicle just give us a call submit for a quote online. We always make sure to return quotes as soon as possible in order to provide the best possible customer experience.