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All New 2017 Ford Escape

By Jordan Koch on

2017 Ford EscapeThe brand new 2017 Escape has landed and it is back with a vengeance. The new design, styling and technology are here to prove that Ford is the ultimate force to be reckoned with and that we are committed to leading the industry in quality. Just one look at this vehicle is sure to impress. With the newly designed front fascia and grille, sideview mirrors, hood and lift-gate design you can see the impeccable attention to detail. Even the new halogen projector headlamps and LED tail-lamps lend testament to beautiful redesign of this vehicle.

In addition to an impressive amount of exterior redevelopments, the interior has also been retouched for increased style and comfort. The brand new centre stack, shifter placement and longer armrest with repositioned cupholders all add to increased storage, more personal room and improved ergonomics. All in all the vehicle will be more comfortable, more efficient and feel more like home.

There is also a host of new features included and available on the 2017 Escape. Some of our favourite would be the heated steering wheel (which is amazing in the winter time!!), SYNC connect, and the improved adaptive cruise control systems. There is not much we need to go over in regards to the heated steering wheel as most people can imagine how convenient that can be but the other two may require a more complete description of how far things have come. The SYNC connect is a brand new system in the 2017 Escape which allows customers greater control over all vehicle functions through the convenience of their smartphone. It can be used to remotely lock, unlock, and start their vehicles wherever there is a WIFI signal. In addition to the control it offers, customers can also check their fuel levels and odometer reading. The new optional adaptive cruise control is a very impressive feature which takes into consideration not only comfort and convenience but also increased safety. Once the cruise control system is activated you as the driver can set a gap and your vehicle will maintain distance between you and the driver ahead. This will make for a much more enjoyable drive over long distances with less worry over the activation and deactivation of the cruise control systems. The integrated forward collision warning is where safety comes into effect. We all know how unpredictable other drivers can be and this system is perfect for that. If the system detects a collision may occur due to the vehicle slowing down too fast in front it will visually and audibly warn you as well as pre-charge the brakes. That system coupled with the new automatic high beam system makes for smooth sailing on any trip.

Everything mentioned so far; taken into consideration with the brand new SYNC 3 system which fully integrates with smart phone technology; this vehicle is one for the ages. The only way to truly experience everything this vehicle has to offer to see, touch, feel and drive. We could type for days and not even scratch the surface. In conclusion, this new Escape is not just a vehicle; it is a way of life, a companion, and a protector. This is the start of something beautiful for Ford and we can’t wait for you to enjoy the journey with us.

By Jordan Koch on
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