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What is protecting your investment?

By Les Koch on

When you purchase your vehicle you want do to the best that you can to protect your purchase! Ford Protect allows you the option to help ensure that your vehicle is kept in the utmost pristine condition possible! There are 2 parts to the Ford Protect plan which give you that peace of mind knowing your car is always going to be in great condition of safety!

1.) Ford Maintenance Protection Program

The Ford Maintenance Protection Plan covers all of your required scheduled maintenances, 8 common wear and tear items (Brake pads and linings, Brake Rotors, Shock absorbers, Spark Plugs, Wiper Blades, Engine Belts, Light Bulbs, Clutch disc’s). This plan also has a $0 deductible so you never have to worry about any out of pocket expenses! You can purchase this plan at the time of your vehicle purchase or within one year and 20,000kms of the original purchase date!

2.) Ford’s Extended Service Plan (extended warranty)

The Ford Extended Service Plan is an extension of your factory comprehensive warranty! So your vehicle has full warranty coverage from bumper to bumper for even longer! This allows you to save on repairs that could cost you money out of pocket down the road that might not be covered by your Maintenance plan! This plan has an available $0 deductible which again minimizes the out of pocket expenses during your time of ownership with the vehicle. This plan can be purchased at the time original time of purchase or the vehicle can qualify for coverage as long as the mileage is under 160,000kms.

There are also some standard benefits that come with either or both plans, these benefits include
The plans are extendable for as long as 8 years and 200,000kms from the vehicles original service date

They are redeemable at any ford dealership across Canada and the United States! Which means the same great service no matter where you are!
The both plans are transferrable to another owner as the plans are only applied to the VIN of a vehicle and not to the owner of the vehicle!
Ford road side assistance is available to you for the duration of the coverage period!

Also if you trade in the vehicle while there still is remaining time/mileage on the plans you do receive a pro-rated refund toward new Ford Protect Plans on your new vehicle you are purchasing!
Both of these plans are purely designed to save customers money and time! In fact, these programs are of so much value that a large amount of even our own staff members buy the plans because, they truly do save you money on costly repairs that might occur during your time of ownership with the vehicle! We want to make the savings are even greater; We are offering a $500 discount if you mention this Blog post when purchasing an Extended Service or Maintenance Plan. This offer applies to anyone whether you are a DK Ford customer or are just looking to get a plan on a vehicle that you have bought from somewhere else! If you have any questions in regards to the Ford Protect Plans, please call us and ask to speak with someone in our finance department and they will be more than glad to help you out!

By Les Koch on
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